“Fighting hunger pangs when on a diet”

When you start working on a fresh diet to help you with weight loss,the first major obstacle that anybody faces are hunger pangs.

hunger pang

The thing is, our body is not used to the diet, and the resultant lowered calorie intake. And if your weight loss plan includes working out along with dieting, that increases the cravings. But fret not. Here are a few things you can do to reduce these food pangs.

hunger pang

  1. Increase your protein intake:- Proteins are more filling than almost any other food. They increase the hormone that fights hunger. For the non vegetarians, a good source of protein is fish or poultry, and for the vegetarians, legumes are a good option, for e.g. black beans, peas or red beans.


  1. Drink more water :- Drinking water is also an another thing you should do since increased water intake suppresses hunger. Keep a bottle with you wherever you go, and every time you feel hungry, sip from it. Studies have revealed that as little as 300 ml water helps to fight off hunger pangs in as little as 10 minutes. If you would prefer something flavored or you just don’t like water, you can always go for tea.

drink more water

  1. Eat more fibres:- Fibres are your best friend while dieting. They create a feeling of fullness. A common recommendation by many dieticians is to consume half a plate of fruits and vegetables with your meals.

eat fibre



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